Julie Taymor in the New York Times

The New York Times has a lengthy profile on Julie Taymor in anticipation of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Theatre for A New Audience. In the piece, Susan Dominus tackles the issue of flying early on:

Ms. Taymor, who has directed the most successful musical of all time (“The Lion King”) and perhaps the most troubled (“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”) said she knew just how time-consuming creating flying scenes can be — and presumably, also, how much can go wrong. But over time she warmed to the idea; for the grand entrances of Puck and Titania, both of whom are played by adults, “it didn’t seem right to just have them walk onstage,” she said.

This time around she’s kept the flying technology simple. That Ms. Taymor has included flying at all in the production, which was scheduled to begin performances Oct. 19 at the brand-new Brooklyn home of Theater for a New Audience, suggests that she is undaunted by her experience on “Spider-Man.” But for her first foray back into New York theater since, she has chosen the embrace of the familiar, working with her close friend Jeffrey Horowitz, the theater’s founding artistic director, with whom she first collaborated almost 30 years ago.